The get list of opened files (psfile) operation uses the psfile command-line utility to get a list of files on a system that is opened remotely as well as to close. Apr 20,  · free download psfile - see what files are opened remotely.

Psfile is a command-line utility that shows a list of files on a system that are opened remotely, and it also allows you to close opened files either by name or by a.

The psfile python module helps you to create postscript files from python scripts.

Psfile is part of the pstools toolkit developed by sysinternals. Description: psfile is part a command-line tools that aids in the adminstration of local and remote systems. Hi, i checked the regular file attach function, i did not find anywhere the record is used. from sysinternals is our best friend in this case.

Psfile can creating the required wrappers to set up the page geometry. Dec 14,  · something like: psfile \\server -u me \\server\share\path1\path2\ gives the help screen. Using this small utility, it is possible to retrieve all the open files in a given remote directory and.

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